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Information that you need to know from RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) including Licensing fees and test dates


Beginner’s (Learner’s) Licence-Class 7 Practise Test

1. Beginner’s Signs Test
2. Beginner’s Signs Test
3. Beginner’s Rules Test
4. Beginner’s Rules Test
5. Beginner’s Rules Test
6. Beginner’s Rules Test

How to get your Beginner’s License in Nova Scotia

More information on getting your Beginner’s in Nova Scotia


You have to pay for the Knowledge test in advance,
this can be done the on the day that you are writing
the Knowledge test.

The cost is $13.40 (tax included). When you pay, you will get a “Knowledge Test Receipt,” and you have to show that receipt when you want to take the test. You can buy a receipt at any full-service RMV office. When you come in to take your test, first you present your test receipt, and then you will be allowed to take the test. Unless you have your receipt, you cannot take it. (If you lose it, you will have to buy another one.) You will also need to present a photo ID and 2 other pieces of ID with your signature for proof of age.

If you are under 18, you must have your parent’s signature for permission to purchase this receipt.

Knowledge Test dates for Yarmouth:

Any Wednesday, no appointment necessary

After you pass your written test, you can then receive your Class 7 Learner’s License at the counter, the cost for this is $22.56 and is valid for 1 year.

Newly Licensed Driver Class 5N

You will receive this licence after you sucessfully pass the Road Test. Once you have paid for this, I will book your Road Test . The cost for this is $47.68.

You must wait 6 months after you obtain your Beginner’s License in order to take the Road Test UNLESS YOU HAVE THIS COURSE or another Driver`s Ed course, then the wait time is reduced to 3 months.

After you pass the Road Test, you can receive your license at the counter, the cost for this licence is $60.24. If you do not pass the Road Test, you must wait 7 full days before redoing the test and you will have to pay the Road Test fee again.

For more info visit www.gov.ns.ca/snsmr/rmv

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