What Road Runner Driving School offers

Get the N off your license or receive a point reduction

6 Hour Defensive Driving-$110

Full Driver’s Ed-$575

You can start for as little as $275 and then 2 payments prior to finishing the course.

(use of car for road test $40)


Can’t take driver’s ed?

How about Private Lessons for Road Test preparation

for only $40 per hour you get to use my car and the gas that’s in it.

I’ll explain everything you will need to improve on to ensure your confidence!

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What you’ll learn in Drivers Ed

Classroom Instruction-25 Hours

In car Instruction – 10 Hours


›car care and familiarity

›driver licensing

›driver responsibility

›driver psychology


›the Act and regulations made under the Act

›occupant restraint systems

›alcohol, drugs and driving

›identifying hazardous situations and driver action

›driving under adverse condition

›approach of emergency vehicles

›fuel-efficient driving

›vehicle technologies such as braking systems and drive train

›automobile familiarization

›steering techniques

›starting and stopping

›right and left turns

›highway and urban driving



›controlled and uncontrolled intersections


›one-way streets

›lane changing



›2- and 3-point turns

›risk perception

›crosswalk safety


Pick ups will usually be at the Cineplex theatre parking lot in Yarmouth unless you live in town, or we have discussed and arranged for a different location.